Serpentine "oil lamp" with snakes and animal head. 

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Enigmatic object  made of serpentine in the form of either an oil lamp or a brush washer. Not made with modern tools, but entirely by hand. Possibly ancient. 
H 0.8 cmD 5.8 cmL2.54 cm

18th-19th Century "Eye of Providence"

Brass frame with tinned "Eye of Providence". Curiously hinged with catch, presents nicely from both sides. Loop for suspending. 

Vesta and Cigarette Case

Marked sterling. Both monogramed "ES", late 19th Century and Early 20th. Came from the same estate, likely an intergenerational set of items. Sold as a pair

Rare Ostrich Egg, Etched. Possibly Syria, 18-19th Century with Islamic script. 

Safavid Dragon Head Alam Finial 16th-17th Century

Safavid dragon head alam finial from the 16th-17th century. Likely from a pair that would have flanked either side of a processional alam or similar. Bronze, in two matching halves. 
3.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches.

Makara Dragon Headed Bronze Device. Probably 19th century. Jodhpur, India. 

This highly unusual object is very finely crafted. It's function is a mystery. It appears to have a mechanical function that cannot be determined. Inscribed in Rajasthani / Hindi on the chin. The translation reads: 

Phonetic translation:
"Karigar (the artisan) Bhamn (a persons name) vas Jodhpur (who lives in Jodhpur) jat sutar (of the group called "Suthar"*, the wood workers")

*Suthar is a caste in India that is made up of carpenters. 
7 L x approx 1 3/4 w inches. 

Betel Nut Mineral Lime Container, 19th century. Sri Lanka.